Veg Indian Cuisine

New Additions

Aloo Tikki Sliders

Freshly fried  croquets of mashed potatoes and paneer, spiced up with fresh herbs and green chillies, then dipped in a very tangy special sauce made of garlic and tamarind paste, served in a mini bun laced with mayonnaise and crunchy lettuce leaf.

You and your guests will keep on coming back for more and more – Chef’s confidence!

Pudina Paneer Tikka Tacos

Pudina panner tikka marinated in a very thick marinate, freshly grilled and cut into thin strips then stuffed in a toasted hard shell taco along with corn salsa, tomato & onion salsa, sliced lettuce, shredded cheese and topped with drizzling of fresh sour cream and yoghurt mint sauce.

Fusion food bar raised again with this preparation!

Gol Gappae (water balls, panipuri, puchka, pani ke patashe, gup chup)

On repeated requests from our clients we have introduced eat as much as you can Gol Gappae.

The delicious snack of puris filled with your choice of water and traditional mixture of spiced mashed potatoes and boiled whole brown chickpeas. There are two options of water to choose as we serve them with two types of waters, one being spicy tangy mint water and other being sweetened tamarind water.

Honey chili cauliflower

Florets of cauliflower lightly battered and fried, then stir fired with onions and capsicums and tossed with our special medium spiced honey chili sauce.

Basil paneer tikka

Chunky cubes of fresh paneer, marinated with a spiced puree of fresh basil and spinach, then tossed in a spiced paste of fresh cream, grilled to perfection.

Paneer Sliders

A miniature version of the vegetable burger, but filled with freshly grilled paneer tikka instead of spiced potato patty, garnished with crisp lettuce and red onion and mint sauce.

Paneer kathi roll

Round flat bread cooked with coating of spiced chickpea flour batter on a griddle, then stuffed and rolled with strips of paneer, onions and capsicums which are laced with a freshly made tangy onion tomato sauce, and served with a drizzle of fresh mint chutney.

Paneer tikka

Chunky cubes of fresh paneer, twice marinated first with a crushed herb and roasted cumin powder and then laced with mildly spiced hung yoghurt marinade, grilled with capsicum and onions.

Chatpate Aloo

Baby potatoes, cut in halves and quarters, dusted with spices, shallow fried then tossed in a tangy garlic sauce and fresh herbs.

Pudina panner tikka

Chunky cubes of fresh paneer, marinated in a paste of freshly made Asian mint, coriander and puree of baby spinach, then delicately grilled with capsicums and onions.

Grilled Vegetables

Assortment of fresh vegetables, marinated in yoghurt, roasted cumin and secret spices, grilled to perfection.

Dahi ke kebab

Croquets made of mashed fresh paneer and hung yoghurt, mildly spiced, and tossed along with diced capsicum and onions, then deep fried with a coating of crushed poppadum’s.

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