Veg & Non-Veg Kids Menu

Butter chicken and rice

Mild makhani sauce with cream with freshly grilled chicken pieces, served with cucumbers and lettuce salad.

Dhal makhani

Black lentils with red kidney beans, mildly curried with mild aromatic spices and rich cream, served with cucumber and lettuce salad.

Mango chicken with rice

Very mild mango flavored sauce with freshly grilled mango chicken pieces, served with cucumber and lettuce salad.

Chicken Nuggets and Chips

All time kid’s favorite, no fuss chicken nuggets (5 pieces) served with fries

Chicken and chips

Freshly grilled mild spiced chicken fillets with old fashioned chips, an all-time favorite, served with optional tomato sauce.

Paneer makhani

Everyone’s favorite, freshly grilled paneer tikka in a mild makhani sauce, served with cucumber and lettuce salad.

(* please note: kid’s menu is available for children between 5yrs-10yrs old and the meal is pre-plated, single served with generous portion size)

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